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Laser Peels & MicroLaserPeels- a smoother you is just a few days away

Sciton MicroLaserPeels

MicroLaserPeels produce a fresher, smoother surface by vaporizing off up to 50 microns of the top layer of skin, compared to a treatment like microdermabrasion, which removes only about 10 microns. Even though it's a much less aggressive laser resurfacing treatment than a Laser Peel or deep Laser Resurfacing, a MicroLaserPeel can achieve better results in improving patchy pigment, pore size, sun damage, and fine lines than most noninvasive treatments. People describe their results after a MicroLaserPeel as seeing their skin go from tired looking to glowing.

Unlike deeper Laser Peels, MicroLaserPeels can be done on any part of the body.

What to Expect?

A cream anesthetic is applied before the treatment for about twenty minutes. Most people say that their skin feels hot during the treatment and like a sunburn for up to a day after the treatment. The treated skin usually is red for up to 5 days (occasionally longer, especially in extremely fair skin) with some peeling expected on days 4-5. Results of the treatment are visible by the end of the first week and continue to improve for the following few months.

Laser Peels

Laser Peels vaporize off a thicker layer of outer skin than a Micro Peel but not as deep as full-field Laser Resurfacing, so it produces more dramatic results than a Micro Peel. Fine lines & skin texture become smoother & deeper brown spots may be erased. Because it's a deeper treatment than a Micro Peel, significant results can be seen with just one treatment.

What to expect?

Anesthetic cream is applied before the treatment & during the treatment most people describe the sensation as somewhat stingy & hot. After the treatment a cold dressing is applied followed by a soothing ointment. Recovery consists of slight swelling and crusting for 1-3 days, with redness usually persisting for up to 10 days, depending on the depth of the peel.

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Before & After

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