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A Liquid Facelift Restores a Youthful Facial Frame to Decrease Sagging, Without Surgery

Most of what has been learned over the last twenty years about facial aging reveals that it's not due to just skin sagging because of gravity, but it's the loss of underlying facial fat and bone that occurs, at different times in different areas, that causes the overlying skin to look loose and saggy. 

Simply cutting away skin as the facial frame gets smaller doesn't restore youthful facial proportions. For someone hoping to look like themselves but younger, requires adding volume where volume has been lost.

Luckily, multiple treatments exist today that can replace lost bone and fat without surgery, scars or downtime, to produce a natural, younger you. These treatment options are loosely defined as "liquid facelifts" when they're used to lift and fill out a sagging, aging face. Read more about the unique Skinspirations strategy to address facial aging.

Practitioners who get the best results with liquid facelifts have had years of experience providing non-surgical facial aging treatments exclusively, rather than only performing them as a sideline to their preferred surgical options.

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Dr. Elliott and the other expert practitioners at Skinspirations have performed over 10,000 dermal filler treatments and three of our providers, so far, are educational trainers who have taught their skills to many of the other cosmetic practitioners in Tampa Bay. 

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