Customized Solutions Delivered To The Optimal Level Of Skin

Shows microinfusion of skin serum into cheek

Microinfusion treatments deliver strategically chosen ingredients into the layer of skin where they will produce the most effective results. The device used to deliver these cocktails is a single-use microinjection system that has twenty hollow titanium needles, each finer than a human hair, topping the solution vial.

Each time the top is stamped into the skin, it releases 20 simultaneous mini-injections of solution. Liquid substances like vitamins, serums, PRP, Sculptra, medications & even nanofat can be combined to achieve multiple goals with just one treatment.

The advantages to using the microinfusion vial instead of individual injections are that the microinjections are less uncomfortable, the treatments are finished faster, and multiple substances can be combined in a single session. Surprisingly, each stamp of the device feels like just a single tiny pinprick.

Here are just a few applications of our new microinfusion device:

The Platinum Microinfusion Treatment includes:
  • 20 units of either Botox, Dysport, or Jeuveau to decrease oil production, shrink pores, decrease redness & diminish fine lines
  • 1 ml of a hyaluronic acid filler to plump, hydrate & tighten the surface of the skin, & reduce fine lines
  • Vitamin C for brightening & collagen production
The Firming Microinfusion Treatment 

Using a cocktail that includes Sculptra, hyaluronic acid filler, and vitamins, the Firming Microinfusion treatment helps plump up, smooth, and tighten crepey skin anywhere on the body.

The Vampire Microinfusion Treatment 

You guessed it. The Vampire Microinfusion combines PRP from your own blood with 1ml of hyaluronic acid filler to stimulate the skin with growth factors, and hydrate, plump & tighten. The filler also helps keep the PRP in the treated area longer, to maximize results.

The Stretch Mark & Scar Microinfusion Treatment

Depending on the type of scars, this treatment includes a customized cocktail that may include Vitamin C to increase normal collagen and diminish redness, Sculptra to thicken depressed scars, 5-Fluorouracil to soften & flatten thick scars, & retinoic acid to thicken atrophic scars like stretch marks.

The Microtox Microinfusion Treatment

When tiny amounts of neuromodulators like Botox are placed into the skin instead of the underlying muscles, it decreases oil production, shrinks pores & any dilated blood vessels that are causing redness, & smooths superficial fine lines.

Hair Growth Microinfusion 

Microinfusion delivers medications into the level of the hair follicles & depending on the cause of the hair loss, treatments may include Vitamin C, Biotin, PRP, retinoic acid, nanofat, progesterone, & dutasteride.

Microinfusion is a convenient treatment to inject any solution into the deeper layers of skin & new applications are being developed daily. The benefits of microinfusion treatments may last up to six months and treatments can be performed as often as desired.

What to expect with a microinfusion treatment

After photos of the treatment area are obtained, a thin layer of prescription-strength cream anesthetic is applied. The cocktail ingredients are chosen & mixed, and then applied through the microinfusion device. There may be some pinpoint spots of blood afterwards, depending on the depth of the needles chosen but with lighter treatments, the skin will only look pink when you leave.

If you’re interested in learning more about how microinfusion can benefit you, call, text or email us for a complimentary consultation.