microinfusion treatment to face, similar to Aquagold device

DIY Microinfusion Skin Stamping Kits

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details of microinfusion needlesOur Microinfusion Skin Stamping treatments deliver a customized cocktail of products through 20, gold-plated needles, each finer than a hair, into the surface of the skin. Each time the top is stamped into the skin, it releases 20 simultaneous mini-injections of solution.

We’ve put together a microinfusion kit so that you can do a mini Stamping treatment at home. Because the home kit vials use short 0.25 mm needles, there’s no discomfort or downtime.

Each single-use 5 ml vial contains injectable-grade Vitamin C for brightening, retinoic acid to boost collagen & skin turnover, biotin for skin strength, hyaluronic acid to increase moisture & skin plumping, and lidocaine anesthetic for comfort.

Soothing post-treatment facial mask

The kit also contains a hydrating peptide sheet mask to use after your treatment.

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Weight 9 oz
Dimensions 6.5 × 4 × 1.5 in