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You’re not alone in the fight against cellulite. Over 90% of women develop cellulite and it isn’t due to not working out enough or having too much fat. Unless you treat the cause, nothing will budge cellulite. Luckily, there’s now an injectable medication that can get you smoother from cheek to cheek.

Qwo® is the first injectable medication FDA-approved for smoothing out the dimples associated with cellulite. 

What causes cellulite?

There are three main factors that combDiagram showing causes of celluliteine to produce cellulite in affected areas.

  1.  There are fewer fibrous bands of collagen (septae) that attach the skin to deeper tissue in areas of cellulite compared to areas without it. These bands pull the skin inwards when there’s tension on them such as when standing or contracting the underlying muscles.
  2.  Fat cells enlarge and are pushed upwards when there’s tension on the septae, producing bulges seen with cellulite.
  3. Skin thins with age and provides less support to the underlying fat.

Other modifying factors include gender, race, and lifestyle. Although cellulite occurs in all races, it tends to occur most often in white women. Lifestyle factors such as sedentary habits or high-carbohydrate diets are also thought to promote the development of cellulite.

Skin laxity vs cellulite

Skin laxity that develops with aging can cause a “cottage cheese” or “mattress top” irregularity of the skin that is sometimes mistaken for cellulite. Unlike in areas of skin laxity, pinching the skin where cellulite is suspected will deepen the dimples. Slightly pulling the skin upward above a dimple will make it disappear if it’s due to skin laxity and not cellulite. 

Visual scales of cellulite and skin laxity

What is Qwo®?

Qwo®is made from the enzyme collagenase, which when injected dissolves the collagen making up the fibrous bands that cause cellulite dimpling. Collagenase has been safely used for other medical conditions for years. Once the bands pulling the skin inwards are released by the enzyme, the fat can redistribute into a more even layer. A series of three treatments, done three weeks apart, will produce good results on dimples that are due to cellulite.

Are you a good candidate for Qwo® injectable cellulite treatments?

It’s important to know if the cellulite dimples you want to treat are due to cellulite, skin laxity, or both, so you’ll need an evaluation before you schedule your treatment. People who are pregnant, breastfeeding, have an active skin infection in the treatment area, or who have a known allergy to collagenase are not candidates for a Qwo® treatment.

What to expect with a  Qwo® injectable cellulite treatment?

A series of three treatments, done three weeks apart, are recommended. When you arrive for your treatment, we’ll take photos and review and mark the skin over the dimples you want to treat. Each dimple will be injected, using a tiny needle that’s almost painless, with the Qwo® solution, and then ice packs will be placed over the injected areas for about 10 minutes. If you have Spanx or other shapewear, please bring it with you because the extra compression it provides after your treatment may help limit the amount of bruising.

Within a day or two after the treatment, most people will develop significant dark bruising, so don’t schedule a Qwo® treatment within a few weeks of any event where you’ll need to expose the treated area. In general, the bruising associated with the first treatment is the worst, with less bruising usually noted after each subsequent treatment. The bruising usually resolves over about two weeks, on average, but occasionally may be associated with some discoloration that lasts up to a month or so.

The treated area may be sore for a few days after treatment but is not usually painful enough to require pain medication or to require that you limit your activities. Swelling is also possible but is usually minor for the first few days after each treatment.

Improvement from Qwo® treatments may become visible within ten weeks after each treatment and will continue to improve for several months. Results last several years, at least, and possibly are permanent unless new fibrous bands produce new dimples over time.

Before & After Results

Photos of our before and after results of Qwo cellulite treatments

The fee for a package of three Qwo® treatments is either $1,600 for twelve dimples injected at each session or $2,200 for twenty-four dimples treated at each visit.

If you’re interested in finding out if Qwo® injectable cellulite treatments are right for you, call us to schedule a complimentary consultation at (727) 571-1923, text us at (727) 263-4798, or email us at info@skinspirations.com.