With Renuva®, fat grafting is as easy as a dermal filler treatment.

Renuva® is an injectable product that provides fat graft results without the need for liposuction. Because it creates brand new fat cells, the results can last up to ten years.

How Renuva® Works

Renuva® is a product made from donated fat tissue that has been carefully processed, purified, and sterilized. Renuva® is tested and screened in accordance with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s requirements for donor tissue.

Containing the same growth factors, collagen, and proteins present in autologous fat, Renuva® adipose allograft matrix acts as a scaffold, allowing the body to replace it with fat over several months.

Since there is some variability among individuals in the amount of fat produced by Renuva®, two or three small treatments are recommended, done at least three months apart, to avoid over-correction. Maximum improvement is usually seen about six months after treatment.

What Renuva® Is Best For

Renuva® can be injected in any area where fat naturally exists and is can be used to provide small amounts of volume almost anywhere on the body. Its commonly used to add volume to the face and hands, and to correct depressed scars, cellulite dimples, and defects from liposuction. Renova can also be used on crepey necks to smooth the skin.

When Renuva® Isn’t A Good Option

Renuva® is not recommended for use under the eyes or in the lips. When larger amounts of volume are desired, it may be more cost-effective to transfer your own fat. Renuva® is not a good treatment option if you desire maximum results immediately, since fat production takes months.

What To Expect With A Renuva® Treatment?

Renuva® treatments are very similar to treatments with thick dermal fillers. After photographs are taken, an anesthetic cream is applied for about fifteen minutes before the treatment is performed. Renuva® is then carefully placed under the skin and the treated area is massaged.

Some volume is noticed immediately but it slowly increases over the following months. Increasing volume from the new fat cells tends to become visible about twelve weeks after the treatment. Maximum results occur at about six months. If desired, Renuva® treatments can be repeated after twelve weeks.

Most Renuva® patients experience some swelling and mild tenderness in the treated areas for a few days to a week but occasionally it can last up to several weeks.

Unlike hyaluronic acid fillers, Renuva® can’t be dissolved, so it’s recommended that you try a temporary filler to the area you’re considering for Renuva® first, to make sure you like the results.

Prices for Renuva® treatments start at $900 and the total cost is based on the amount used.

If you want to find out if Renuva® is a good treatment option for you, call us or email us for a complimentary consultation.