Sagging Skin Treatment Choice Depends on the Cause

When you look in a mirror, do you have an urge to push the skin up on the sides of your face or neck because just that little push makes you look younger? Gravity is usually blamed when skin starts to sag but the cause is more complicated. As we age, our skin's underlying structure breaks down along with the loss of fat and bone in some areas. Skin renews itself more slowly and has less elasticity than in the past. That combined with genetic influences, sun exposure, hormone levels and damaging habits like smoking, lead to slack, hanging skin.

And as if sagging skin isn't bad enough on its own, the stretched skin can make pores and scars look larger.

With sagging due to facial volume loss, restoring youthful proportions in the face with dermal fillers and/or skin stimulants (also called a "liquid facelift") will lift the skin back up & out, with natural-looking results.

When sagging is primarily due to a loss of elasticity, multiple types of lasers and other devices exist that can increase elasticity and provide subtle tightening. Most of these devices produce tightening by using energy to heat up the deep skin levels to the temperature that causes collagen contraction (tightening) and increased elasticity.

At Skinspirations, we use an intense pulsed light (IPL) device that uses the range of light wavelengths most specific for deep skin heating. It stimulates long-term collagen rebuilding and can be used to treat loose skin anywhere on the body- including the face, neck, abdomen, thighs and arms.

Facial Volume Treatments
Skin Tightening

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