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Every day Skinspirations receives questions from patients asking about the way cosmetic neuromodulators are prepared and priced, and it is confusing until you understand the difference between dilution and dosage (units).

All of the injectable muscle relaxants like Botox® arrive from the manufacturer as a freeze-dried powder in sterile vials. In order to be able to inject them, they have to be mixed with a liquid. Depending on the intended use, specific amounts of saline solution are added to each vial to produce the desired concentration.

The number of units delivered with each injection determines the degree and duration of results. For example, with Botox® Cosmetic, it takes about 20 units to relax the average woman's frown muscles adequately for a full three months but using 40 units can produce up to six months of relaxation. 

There's a lot of variation in how many units of neuromodulator each person needs depending on the size and distribution of their muscles. In general, most women will need about 60 to 70 units of Botox to relax the three most commonly treated areas ( foreheads, frown lines, and crow’s feet). Men usually need up 25-50% more units than women for each area because of the larger size & strength of their corresponding facial muscles.

The number of units used with Botox and Jeuveau are essentially the same but Dysport requires about 2.5 units for every unit of Botox or Jeuveau. The price per treatment is usually the same regardless of the medication chosen.

The Difference Between Charging by the Unit or Charging by the Area

Some practitioners charge for neuromodulator treatments with a set price per area, and others charge by the number of units used, so what's the better strategy for you?

Charges by treatment areas are usually based on the average number of units most people needed for that area. For example, with Botox Cosmetic, the averange number of units used for a woman's frown lines is 20 units.

If you have more than the average amount of muscle movement and need more than the average number of units, you'll pay less with a treatment area fee but probably see less results. A person who has less muscle contraction & needs less units than average to get relaxation, will end up spending more than if they paid only for the units they need.

There's nothing wrong with paying by the area & many practices price their neuromodulator treatments this way because it’s more convenient than charging by the unit with each treatment, but you may not be getting the number of units that will give you the best results.

Beware of Cut-Rate Products

Beware of anyone offering injectable muscle relaxant tratments regularly for less than what you usually see in your area. Highly discounted treatments may not be the actual product advertised or may be real product that has expired.

To be sure that the practitioner doing your treatments is using safe, authentic medication, check the website of the company that makes the product to make sure your practitioner is listed as a provider.

Some companies like Allergan, the makers of Botox Cosmetic, designate the practices purchasing the most products directly from Allergan USA with levels such as Platinum and Diamond. When you see these designations on the websites, you can be assured that you're receiving authentic, fresh medication. Skinspirations is a Diamond level practice, which means we're in the top 4% of their accounts. Be safe by going with expertise.

Prices for Botox® and Jeauveau at Skinspirations ranges from $9 to $12 a unit, and Dysport™ ranges from $3.60 to $4.80 a unit, depending on how many units are purchased. Dysport™ usually requires 2.5 times as many units as Botox®.

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