“An attractive young person is an accident of nature, an attractive older person is a work of art.”

 Dr. Mauricio De Maio, Plastic Surgeon, Brazil

What is the MD Codes™ Strategy?

One of the most innovative techniques utilizing dermal fillers and neuromodulators that we use at Skinspirations is called MD Codes™. It was developed by Brazilian plastic surgeon, Mauricio De Maio after more than twenty years of experience, and it provides a methodical, holistic approach to optimizing facial shape.

Rather than only filling lines and folds with injectable fillers, MD Codes™ addresses the underlying frame of the face to produce 360-degree improvement. The 75 MD Codes™ signify 75 potential facial injection points, taking into account the underlying bone, fat compartments, nerves, and vascular structures. Each of these sites corresponds to areas where fat or bone may be deficient.

Dr. Elliott looking at photo book with woman

Our consultations focus on your goals

The MD Codes™ Assessment

The MD Codes™ treatment plan is designed after a careful assessment of your face during the consultation, which includes reviewing photos of the front and sides of your face. Most people see themselves in a mirror from the front only and are often unaware of how their profile appears. We then discuss your goals and plan our strategy to improve the characteristics you find undesirable or would like enhanced.

To learn more about if an MD Codes™ plan would be right for you, call us at 727-571-1923 or schedule a consultation.

Examples of MD Codes Results

  • Dermal Filler And Fat Results

  • man looks more vibrant and rested after Botox and dermal filler