LED lights and the skin

Light Emitting Diode (LED) phototherapy is the application of light energy to tissue to obtain therapeutic benefits. The energy is used to improve cellular performance. Phototherapy is known for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties and has a variety of applications. Skinspirations offers LED light therapy with the Celluma Pro LED device. The Celluma has been approved by the FDA for multiple indications including arthritis, muscle and joint pain, diminished local circulation, and inflammatory acne.

LED therapy is also known for its ability to rejuvenate skin and decrease inflammation. Blue, red, and near-infrared are the most commonly used wavelengths in LED light therapy. These specific wavelengths are well-researched and scientifically proven to produce therapeutic benefits. Blue penetrates through the epidermis and is known to kill the P. acnes bacteria. Red reaches into the dermal layer and has been shown to enhance collagen and elastin production. Near-infrared penetrates deepest and increases tissue repair, decreases inflammation, and reduces pain.


Q: What is Celluma? A: Celluma is a light therapy device for treating wrinkles, acne & pain conditions.

Q: How does it work? A: Celluma provides energy that helps compromised cells regenerate naturally. (Macrophage cells exposed to red light therapy release cytokines that stimulate the production of growth factors influencing the inflammatory process, healing and wound repair).

Q: How does it help with pain & skin conditions? A: It increases the production of collagen & elastin, increases blood circulation and decreases inflammation.

Q: How long does it take to work? A: Most people feel, or see, an improvement with one or two uses.

Q: But does it really work? A: Yes! The technology embedded in Celluma was developed by NASA.

LED therapy can be used as a stand-alone service or added to almost any treatment. For acne, the optimal treatment plan is 30 minutes 2-3 times weekly for 4-6 weeks and for Anti-Aging 2-3 times weekly for 12-16 weeks.

The price for a thirty minute Celluma treatment is is $65 and includes a facial cleanse and sunscreen application. Adding a fifteen-minute Celluma treatment to any other skincare treatment is $25.