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MicroTox (also known as MesoTox)

MicroTox is a technique in which multiple tiny doses of Botox or Dysport or Jeuveau are placed just below the surface of the skin rather than into the belly of the muscles. This technique can produce a lifting and firming effect on the skin, and decreases pore size, fine lines, redness, and oil production. It can also be done on the neck to produce a lifted, more defined profile.

The treatment uses tiny needles, smaller than a human hair, to deliver the neuromodulator solution to the level of the sweat and oil glands just below the skin's surface. Although there are commercial products with multiple needles like the Aquagold device, at Skinspirations we prefer a more precise technique for injecting the exact doses desired to get the best results.

The duration of results for Microbotox is usually about three to four months and depending on the size of the areas treated, the dose used varies between twenty to eighty units of Botox or Jeuveau (corresponding to roughly fifty to two hundred units of Dysport). 

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