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Skin Tightening Treatments

Gravity is usually blamed when skin starts to sag but the cause is more complicated. As we age, our skin's underlying structure breaks down along with the loss of fat and bone in some areas. Skin renews itself more slowly and has less elasticity than in the past. That combined with genetic influences, sun exposure, hormone levels and damaging habits like smoking, lead to slack, hanging skin.

With sagging due to facial volume loss, restoring youthful proportions in the face with dermal fillers and/or skin stimulants (also called a "liquid facelift") will lift the skin back up & out, with natural-looking results.

When sagging is primarily due to a loss of elasticity, multiple types of treatments exist that can provide subtle tightening or lift. Tightening devices produce tightening by heating the skin up to the temperature that causes collagen contraction (tightening) and also some increased elasticity.

Skinspirations' Skin Tightening Treatment Options

At Skinspirations, we have several skin tightening treatments that can be used individually or combined for even better results.

Plasma Skin Tightening is a great option for tightening crepey, wrinkled skin around the eyes, lips, on the neck and chest, above the knees, and anywhere where lines form from loose or crinkled skin. 

Radiofrequency energy is a type of electric energy consisting of a current whose frequency fluctuates millions of cycles per second. When this current meets the resistance in the skin, especially the deeper skin layers, it creates heat. 

In contrast, our IPL tightening device uses a range of light wavelengths to heat the upper levels of the skin preferentially, which can be advantageous for patients who have thinner skin.

With radiofrequency and IPL tightening, the treatments are done with the goal of heating the deeper skin layer up to the temperature required to create an immediate visible contraction and lifting effect, which is followed over the following weeks with the skin's response of remodeling itself with new collagen production.

Plasma skin tightening works by removing the wrinkled skin and leaving less skin that looks tighter. 
These skin tightening treatments can be used to treat loose skin anywhere on the body- including the face, neck, abdomen, thighs, and arms.

What To Expect During a Treatment

During radiofrequency & IPL skin tightening, gel is applied to the area being treated and then the handpiece of the device is applied to the skin. Pulses of heat are generated and repeated to slowly raise the temperature of the deep layers of skin until it reaches the temperature at which collagen contracts while keeping the surface cool. The treatments are relatively painless despite the skin reaching the temperature needed for contraction and there's no downtime associated with the treatments.

Immediate tightening can often be seen at the time of treatment, especially if you compare the results of treating one side before treating the other.

With Plasma Fibroblast Skin Tightening, a cream anesthetic is applied before the treatment to minimize any discomfort. There is redness immediately afterward and some dark pinpoint crusting for several days.plasma fibroblasting treatment

There's no pain or discomfort after the treatment and any redness produced by the treatment usually goes away within a few hours at most

How many treatments of the Skin Tightening Procedure will I require?

Many patients can see improvement immediately after only one session but results continue to improve for up to six months later when new collagen has formed. Plasma skin tightening treatments are done singly, but with IPL & radiofrequency tightening, most patients start with three sessions about four weeks apart.

Prices for skin tightening treatments start at $150 for IPL or radiofrequency treatments and $400 for Plasma Fibroblasting Treatment packages of 3 sessions are priced at 15% less than the individual treatments.

If you’d like more information on how you can reach your appearance goals, arrange a complimentary consultation at Skinspirations by calling 727.571.1923.

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