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A thinner abdomen after CoolSculpting fat reduction

Unlike liposuction, CoolSculpting cryolipolysis can shrink areas of unwanted fat from your chin to your toes without surgery, pain, needles, downtime, or scarring.

But as you'd expect with any medical treatment, the best CoolSculpting results are obtained by the most experienced and knowledgeable specialists. 

The Secret to Our Results is the Experience of Our CoolSculpting Providers And Their Unique Team Treatments

At Skinspirations, we know why our CoolSculpting body contouring results turn out better than those seen in other practices. Great body contouring requires a 360-degree strategy to get the most flattering results from every angle and 2 sets of eyes determining your treatment strategy works better than one. Unlike other practices that are done by a single person, our CoolSculpting body treatments are done by two very experienced, certified providers. Gale and Melissa, our CoolSculptresses, were certified in 2015 and since then have provided over 700 treatments at Skinspirations.

Check out our video gallery to see what a CoolSculpting experience is like at Skinspirations, from start to finish, and see our parody of what the experience is like at other practices.

How does CoolSculpting reduce fat?

Unlike weight loss which shrinks fat cells, CoolSculpting reduces the number of fat cells in a treatment area by cooling them to a temperature that damages them, while leaving the surrounding skin and tissues unharmed. About 20% of the fat cells in a treated area die and break down over the days & weeks following each treatment.

The treatment is non-surgical, non-invasive, and is usually not uncomfortable. There is minimal downtime if any, and patients often resume non-strenuous daily activities immediately.

How many CoolSculpting treatments will I need?

Most people notice about a 20% reduction in the fat treated about three months after each treatment session. For people with a minimal amount of fat, a single CoolSculpting treatment may be all that's needed to reach the desired results. This happens frequently with arm treatments. For thicker areas of fat, several treatment sessions will be required to obtain optimal improvement. 

Even though many people initially think they want to shrink just one area of unwanted fat, they find that once that area is leaner, reducing other areas makes their 360-degree results even better. People who have treated the fat on their abdomens often return to whittle down their flanks, for example, because it will give them a more whittled waist. 

What does a CoolSculpting treatment feel like?

After carefully marking the skin where the applicator placement will provide the most flattering results, applicators are placed on the skin, and as the treatment begins, the area begins to get cold, and depending on which applicators are used, a suction sensation may be experienced. As the treated area cools further, it becomes numb and remains so for the rest of the session.

Dual CoolSculpting units can treat both sides of the body simultaneously

Dual CoolSculpting units can treat both sides of the body simultaneously. 

During the treatment,  your CoolSculpting team will make sure you're comfortable by positioning you so that you can relax & catch up on any Netflix programs you've missed, work on your laptop or device, or have a facial treatment if desired, while those fatty areas quietly freeze away.

When the treatment time is up, the applicator is removed and the treated area is massaged for two minutes until it warms up, & voila, you're done.

How does it feel after a CoolSculpting treatment?

The areas treated with CoolSculpting are often mildly sore and swollen immediately afterward. The swelling usually resolves over the first few days but the soreness may persist for up to a few weeks, depending on the area treated. Many people notice some mild, temporary numbness for a few weeks as well. We like to think of the discomfort & numbness associated with CoolSculpting as the noise overheard from the dying fat cells' goodbye party.

How long after my CoolSculpting treatment will I see results?

Some patients can begin to see a reduction in the treated areas or notice their clothes fit better in as little as three weeks, but for most people, results become visible in about three months, with continuing improvement over up to six months. 

How long do the results last?

CoolSculpting causes a percentage of the fat cells in the treated area to die & dissolve, so they won't return. If you gain weight, the remaining fat cells throughout the body will increase in size diffusely, including those in the treated area, although the number of cells in the treated area will remain the same. Maintaining a healthy weight will help you to appreciate your results long-term.

How do I know if I’ll get the results I want with CoolSculpting?

Coolsculpting is not a weight loss method & it is designed to give the best results for those people who have localized, resistant fatty areas despite good diet and exercise habits.

The results seen with CoolSculpting are fairly predictable compared to other fat-reducing devices. CoolsSculpting is effective on subcutaneous fat, which is the padding that lies just below the skin but above the muscle. People with large abdomens who don't feel a thick, soft fat layer just under the skin when they tense their abdominal muscles, have fat located under the muscle layer, where CoolSculpting can't penetrate. That type of fat won't respond to CoolSculpting and our CoolSculpting experts will check if your abdominal fat is superficial or deep during your consultation. 

Because the CoolSculpting treatment uses cooling, those with medical conditions such as cryoglobulinemia or paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria can not undergo CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting applicators that require suction cannot be placed over a known hernia, a repaired hernia site, or a recent surgical incision.

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  • A thinner abdomen after CoolSculpting fat reduction

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