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Cutera® XEO™  Laser Vein Treatment

You don't have to hide unwanted veins on your face, chest or legs anymore. With an experienced practitioner and the Cutera® Nd:YAG laser, you can get rid of veins from tiny red ones on the face to blue spider veins on the legs, safely, effectively, and without the use of needles. The Cutera® combines the ideal laser wavelength for veins, with the most control of parameters, to deliver the safest, most effective vascular laser system on the market. 

This laser works specifically on veins by delivering a pulse of energy that momentarily heats the blood inside the vein high enough to damage the vein walls. Over the following weeks the damaged veins are reabsorbed by your body and the blood flow is diverted to deeper veins.

Small, facial veins can be removed quickly, sometimes with just a single treatment. Spider veins and moderate-size (up to 3 mm wide) blue-green leg veins can also be treated with excellent results in the months after treatments. Varicose veins which usually look knotty or are bulging outward, are best treated by a vascular surgeon.

What To Expect with Laser Vein Treatments

The laser tip is cold which helps protect the skin and decrease the mild stinging produced by the treatment. Most people who have had sclerotherapy or cauterization of veins in the past report that laser vein therapy is a much less uncomfortable experience. There's no discomfort after a treatment although some redness and sometimes swelling over the veins may occur. Treated veins on the face may disappear immediately while red, blue, and green leg veins will need up to 12 weeks to reabsorb. 

Bruising is an occasional side effect laser vein treatments but it occurs much less frequently than with sclerotherapy. Rarely, when bruising occurs with larger vein treatments, a tan or brownish area of pigmentation may persist that can later be faded with complimentary IPL treatments.

Patients often find that one or two treatments are sufficient for most unwanted facial veins on the cheeks and chin, although nasal veins may require several treatments. Unless they're caused by underlying venous disease, an average of three treatments will effectively reduce most treated spider veins on the legs.

Some spider veins are the result of deeper vein problems and may not respond to either laser treatments or sclerotherapy. Signs of deeper vein problems requiring more extensive treatments and are best evaluated by consulting a vascular surgeon, are a lot of blue veins on the feet and ankles, starburst clusters of veins where multiple veins radiate out from the center, and veins found on the inside of the knees.

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Before & After

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