Gender-Aligning Esthetic Treatments Can Help Your Appearance Align With Your Identity

Before and after photos of a man who had feminizing treatments at Skinspirations.

Our patient before & after treatments

If you feel your outer appearance doesn’t align with the way you see yourself on the inside, there are ways to bring them together. Gender-aligning treatments can help your exterior match your internal identity.

Multiple studies have shown that we infer personality traits from facial features which of course isn’t fair or even accurate but it’s a fact. Important decisions in both the workplace and social world are made purely on first impressions that are literally and superficially skin-deep.

Until recent years, we didn’t have the ability to change our external appearance without surgery.  Now with modern treatment options, we can tweak our looks to appear more attractive, feminine, masculine, etc., in less than an hour.

Gender-aligning esthetic treatments help our outer appearance match our internal perception.  Do you feel 100% masculine, 100% feminine, is it a blend, neither, or does it depend on the situation? When I ask people, “What percent of you is feminine and what percent is masculine?”, most people answer that it’s a combination.

Gender-aligning esthetic treatments

Masculine face morph feminineMale or female aesthetics are no longer defined as black and white, and esthetic treatment goals are becoming more gender fluid. For transgender individuals, especially, minimally invasive cosmetic treatments can produce better harmony between their outer appearance and inner identity.

Non-surgical esthetic treatments can help to feminize or masculinize your appearance as well as change the personality implied by your face. People with strong jawlines, square chins, and low brows are assumed to be dominant and strong leaders. Those with high inner brows, round or tapered chins and prominent cheekbones are believed to be trustworthy and submissive. All of these features can be manipulated with nonsurgical treatments.

Feminizing esthetic medical treatments

Masculinizing esthetic medical treatments

  • Injectable fillers to widen the jawline, square the chin, and augment the brow ridge
  • Botox-type injections to lower high brows

At Skinspirations, our passion is helping our clients feel good about their appearance. We enjoy talking to new patients about potential treatment options that will help them acheive their goals. If you’d like to have a complimentary consultation, you can call us at 727.571.1923 or schedule it online here. We look forward to meeting you.