An MD Codes™ strategy provides 360-degree improvements in aging faces

The sagging and wrinkles that develop with aging are due to the loss of facial volume in multiple areas of the face. That’s why using filler only for surface wrinkles or only in the cheeks doesn’t restore a youthful appearance as much as replacing volume in multiple areas. Previously, we referred to a global filler approach as a “liquid facelift” but there’s now a systematic, reproducible protocol named MD Codes™ that can be customized to produce three-dimensional facial shape improvement.

One of the most innovative filler strategies utilizing dermal fillers that we use at Skinspirations is called MD Codes™. It was recently developed by Brazilian plastic surgeon, Mauricio De Maio after more than twenty years of experience, and it provides a holistic approach to optimizing facial shape and contours. The final results can often look more natural and softer than a facelift.

“An attractive young person is an accident of nature, an attractive older person is a work of art.”  Dr. Mauricio De Maio, Plastic Surgeon

Rather than filling lines and folds with injectable fillers, the MD Codes™ Strategy addresses the underlying frame of the face as well as the muscles to produce 360-degree improvement. Facial volume can be deficient in different areas due to facial aging or genetic development. The 75 MD Codes™ signify 75 potential facial injection points where fat or bone may be deficient. 

When dermal fillers are used instead of fat, each syringe of filler usually contains one ml, which is 1/5th of a teaspoon.  Consider that we lose about 1 teaspoon of facial fat & bone each year starting around the age of 25. By age 50, we’ve lost about 1/2 cup of volume. Therefore, it’s not unusual to need fifteen to twenty syringes, done over several sessions, to achieve visible global improvement. A fat transfer is an alternative treatment that can be done in just one or two sessions, has a lower total cost, & the results may last up to ten years.

MD Codes liquid facelift progression from before to after

Before and after a series of MD Codes filler treatments.

An MD Codes™ Consultation

An attractive senior woman's face in profile illustrates volume loss in the lateral areas.An MD Codes™ consultation focuses on how best to meet your goals. People often notice that their expression looks sad or tired but they’re unable to put their finger on the cause. 

We start the consultation by reviewing photos of your face from the front and the side. Most people see their faces almost exclusively from the front and are often surprised by changes they hadn’t noticed developing in the outer parts of their faces. We discuss where deficiencies in volume are causing an aging appearance and where a first treatment will produce the most improvement. 

Our goal is to help you get as much improvement as possible with what you want to spend so don’t hesitate to discuss your desired budget with us.

To learn more about whether an MD Codes™ consult would be right for you, call 727-571-1923 or fill out this form to make an appointment for a consultation. Feel free to email me at with any questions or suggestions.

Examples of MD Codes Results

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  • before and after Juvederm to tighten the jawline and lift the face

  • man looks more vibrant and rested after Botox and dermal filler