A Laser Genesis Treatment Feels Like A Day At The Beach While It Shrinks Pores, Reduces Redness, And Smooths And Tightens Skin

It sounds almost too good to be true that a gentle treatment can make skin look firmer, pores look smaller, and decrease redness, but that's exactly what Laser Genesis treatments do. And beauty doesn't have to mean pain. The treatment truly feels like a day at the beach.

The heat produced during Laser Genesis treatments penetrates the skin deep enough to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, which account for the improvement in skin texture, but unlike most laser treatments, Laser Genesis can safely be used in all skin types.

With each treatment you can expect to see subtle improvements in skin tone, tighter pores and a smoother skin texture. Best results are obtained with a series of at least four treatments done about two weeks apart, with maintenance treatments recommended quarterly.  Laser Genesis also targets the tiny vessels beneath the skin surface, decreasing diffuse redness and ruddy complexions.

What will my skin feel like during and after my Laser Genesis treatment?

Laser Genesis produces a gentle warming during treatment that feels like the sun on your face when you're sunbathing (not that you still sunbathe). Many patients have it done during their lunch hour and fall asleep during the treatment.

Immediately following the treatment, your skin has a healthy, rosy glow, it looks and feels firmer, and you can immediately resume your normal routine.

The price for a series of four facial Laser Genesis treatments is $408 and a package of four treatments of both the face and neck is $653.

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