Nanofat Treatments

Nanofat is a bit of a misnomer because it's often confused with fat transfer treatments, but nanofat is the liquid obtained from around and inside the fat cells, that is even higher in stem cells and growth factors than intact fat cells. Nanofat is used when rejuvenation, regeneration or improved healing is the goal, rather than volume replacement.  Crepey or damaged skin anywhere on the body, arthritis,  thinning hair, scars, and even some types of sexual dysfunction are being treated recently with nanofat.

How does nanofat produce results?

Activated stem cells from fat have the potential to become fat, muscle, and bone cells, which are the exact tissues that shrink in the aging face to cause overall volume loss. The stem cells are activated, or turned on, by the messenger substances released by the cells injured during the injections.  Possibly even more important than the stem cells are the many types of growth factors released from emulsifying the fat, which results in increased blood supply, collagen and elastin production, and improved healing. 
An advantage of nanofat treatments is they're less traumatic than a fat transfer because thinner cannulas can be used to withdraw & inject the fat cell contents, resulting in less post-treatment bruising and discomfort. 

What happens during a nanofat treatment?

On the day of the treatment, Dr. Elliott gently applies anesthetic, usually to the abdomen or flanks, and then painlessly removes some fat with a thin microcannula. Once enough fat is obtained, the patient can read or go out for coffee while the nanofat solution is prepared.
To prepare the nanofat, the anesthetic and blood are washed out of the fat and then the cells are broken up to release their contents. The resulting solution is then filtered and drawn up into syringes. The nanofat is then meticulously injected into the treatment areas. In most cases, it truly is a lunchtime procedure.
The area from where the fat was harvested is usually minimally tender for a few days after the procedure. Facial bruising and swelling can vary from none, with nanofat injections, to moderate, with a full-fat transfer, varying of course among individuals. With joint injections, there is usually only minimal discomfort for a few days where the nanofat was injected. Patients can usually return to social and work activities immediately after nanofat injections, and within about three days, with full-fat transfers.

The Nano Neck Lift

One of the most common concerns that our patients complain about is crepey skin on the neck. It's not just the thin skin on the neck that becomes crepey, it's the paper-thin muscle attached just underneath the skin that gets loose and buckles the overlying skin. Very few nonsurgical treatments help with crepey neck skin and the neck is often a giveaway on a person's age.
Nanofat contains stem cells to help aging, crepey skin look younger, but has minimal downtime.
To test out the theory that nanofat may improve both the muscle and the skin, I withdrew a little of my own abdominal fat (doing it alone and being right hand dominant, I could only do a mini-liposuction on the right side of my abdomen), filtered it, & then injected it into my crepey neck. Here are the results from a sub-optimal amount of nanofat after only four weeks. 

What are potential problems or complications with fat transfer?

Every patient reacts differently and occasionally people will have no improvement or less than the desired results. Like any procedure utilizing injections, complications can include bleeding and bruising at the harvesting or injecting sites, depressions at the site where fat is harvested, and post-treatment infections are a rare but potentially serious complication. As with dermal fillers, over-correction and under-correction at the site where the fat is transferred can occur. Since transferred fat may last for years, over-correction can only be corrected by removing it surgically.

People interested in having a fat grafting treatment need to have a consultation (complimentary) with Dr. Elliott first to determine if they're a good candidate and discuss the procedure. Heavy smokers, patients on anticoagulants (blood thinners), people with poorly controlled medical problems, or who have body dysmorphic disorder, are not eligible for the treatment. 

If you want to find out if nanofat or another option would be best for your appearance goal, call us at (727) 571-1923 to arrange a complimentary consultation.

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