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Ultrasonic Cavitation- Reduces Fat With Sound Waves

Ultrasonic Cavitation

Another treatment option for reducing fat in resistant body areas is ultrasonic cavitation, which painlessly breaks up fat cells by disrupting them with sound waves. 

Ultrasonic cavitation treatments can produce an immediate decrease in unwanted fatty areas on the abdomen, flanks, and thighs, as well as in male breasts, or "man boobs". There's no down time, needles, swelling or bruising.

For optimal results in an average weight person, we recommend a series of six to 10 treatments, done at least 3 days apart. Also, patients will see the most dramatic results if they take at least a brisk 20 minute walk or do some other type of cardio exercise immediately after each treatment. Exercise is important for flushing the released fatty acids away from the treated area and towards the liver, so that they're not reabsorbed by the remaining fat cells. 

Unlike CoolSculpting, the treatment area doesn't need to fit an applicator in order to perform the treatment, and unlike Injection Lipolysis, the fat doesn't have to be more than 1/2" thick. 

The benefit of ultrasonic cavitation over CoolSculpting and Injection Lipolysis is that there's often an immediate visible decrease in the size of the fatty area with an ultrasonic cavitation treatment, versus having to wait at least several weeks before seeing improvement with the other methods. 

The benefit of CoolSculpting and Injection Lipolysis over ultrasonic cavitation is that the results appear to be permanent.

With any current fat reducing treatments and devices, gaining weight will cause growth in the remaining fat cells that may make previous results impossible to see.

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