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Improve pigment problems, reduce general redness, stimulate collagen and elasticity, and reduce hair growth, all with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments.

For a person who has sun damage, some red and brown areas, and some fine lines, IPL treatments address all of these problems simultaneously. Collagen stimulation reduces the appearance of pore size and fine lines. The light range targets the redness seen with rosacea and the brown pigment of sun spots and melasma.
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Another advantage of IPL treatments is that they can be done anywhere on the body, although they can't be performed on every body. A limitation of IPL is that because it's so pigment-selective, the treatments can't be done on dark or tanned skin, or it may cause burns.

IPL devices are not lasers because they deliver a range of wavelengths rather than a single wavelength, and this range of wavelengths can be filtered further to customize treatments. Certain light wavelengths are attracted to certain colors, heating them up preferentially. An example is how on a sunny day, a a black street feels very hot to your feet compared to a white sidewalk. When an IPL is used with a filter that allows through wavelengths of light that target pigment color, it heats up brown spots more than surrounding lighter tissue, which causes the darker pigment to flake or fade. Other wavelengths of light target redness or the dark pigment in hair follicles best.

Our IPL devices, for example, have four handpiece choices that filter the best wavelengths for skin rejuvenation, pigment and redness reduction; skin tightening; and hair reduction.

When IPL is combined with a topical photosensitizing liquid prior to treatment (called Photodynamic Therapy), it provides more dramatic results than IPL done alone. Photodynamic Therapy removes precancerous skin growths like actinic keratoses and can reduce acne breakouts for at least several months. 

IPL Photofacials 

Can you imagine looking younger in 10 years than you do today? A recent study looking back at people who had at least one full-face IPL treatment yearly for several years, found that they looked younger after several years of treatments than they did before they started.

Before- 43 years old, After 12 years of IPL treatments at age 55

Another study looking at skin biopsies after just 3 monthly IPL treatments, found that the gene expression had been restored to more youthful patterns after the treatments. IPL Photofacials use the skin rejuvenating wavelengths of light to produce a gentle treatment that makes pores look smaller, fine lines look smoother, and skin tone more even. 

We recommend starting with a series of three treatments, done about a month apart, with maintenance treatments done at least annually.

Any area of the body can be treated with the IPL, and the face, chest, back and arms are the most popular areas because they typically have had the most sun exposure. No anesthetic is needed and each pulse of the IPL feels like a momentary snap or sting. Each treatment usually takes only minutes. Afterwards, brown spots will get darker and they'll flake away over the course of one to three weeks. For thicker brown spots or "barnacles", a laser that vaporizes away the spots, or an application of a strong chemical peel solution may be required.

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When IPL is used for treating redness, there may be some increased redness from the treatment for a day or two. Most people can get rid of dark spots with only one or two treatments but for rosacea or improving areas of diffuse sun damage, an average of three treatments (or one IPL with Levulan® as described separately) may be needed.

Because IPL treatments preferentially target (heat) pigment, people with very dark or deeply tanned skin aren't IPL treatment candidates.

IPL treatment fees at Skinspirations range from $50 to $450.  If you are interested in learning more about how IPL can help your skin, schedule a free consultation by registering online here or by calling 727-571-1923.

IPL with Levulan® or Photodynamic Therapy

Intense Pulsed Light with Levulan® (Photodynamic Therapy) uses the light sensitizing chemical Levulan® to produce a more dramatic reaction to the IPL treatment. This technique is recommended especially for removing sun...