Laser Tattoo Removal 

Skinspirations’ laser tattoo removal treatments can remove even multi-colored tattoos. 

Laser tattoo removal using the Revlite Q-switched laser at Skinspirations

Kate Dellangello, DNP, performs Laser Tattoo Removal at Skinspirations

How does laser tattoo removal work?

Our Q-switched laser uses ultra-short bursts of energy to fragment tattoo pigment into tiny particles. These pigment fragments are then either propelled out of the skin or carried away by white blood cells.

Different laser wavelengths preferentially heat specific colors of tattoo ink and some colors fade faster than others. Black, purple, and dark blue tattoo pigments fade in fewer treatments than red and orange. Yellow and light shades of green tattoo ink are the most difficult to remove and take more treatments to remove than a black tattoo. 

Luckily, we have a color-blind laser for those resistant colors. Our fractionated ablative laser vaporizes fine holes down into the layer of skin where the pigment is. The frees the pigment particles to exit through the surface. When both lasers are used during the same session, up to 50% more fading of the tattoo is seen compared to one. 

Fading the ink for a new tattoo

Many patients want to replace an old tattoo with a new one. It usually only requires one or two laser tattoo treatments to fade it enough for it to be invisible under a new one.

What to expect with laser tattoo removal

At Skinspirations, we make tattoo removal as comfortable as possible. Injecting anesthetic before the treatment makes it painless. A prescription-strength anesthetic cream is also an option if patients prefer it but it must be applied at least sixty minutes before arrival.  Most patients who have tried both methods prefer the injections. 

Immediately after a laser tattoo removal treatment, the tattoo will usually look red and puffy. In the first 72 hours, it’s not uncommon for the treated area to form a crust and a dressing is applied before you leave. 

How many laser tattoo removal treatments will I need?

The number of treatments required for maximum improvement is impossible to predict. Factors that influence the number of treatments include the types of pigments used, the size, location, depth, age, and colors of the tattoo.

The Kirby-Desai Tattoo Scale can usually provide a rough estimate of the number of treatments that will be needed. Add up the points and the total number is roughly equivalent to the number of treatment sessions you’ll need. Most tattoos require 5 – 15 sessions to be erased, and more if there are any colors besides black.

Treatments are done at least 8 weeks apart to allow the fragmented pigment particles to disperse.  With densely pigmented tattoos, it may take several treatments before you can see because there’s so much pigment to break up. 

If you are interested in fading or removing a tattoo, schedule a complimentary consultation, either in person or virtually, online,  or call 727-571-1923 for an appointment.

To see our laser tattoo removal in action click here.

Fees for laser tattoo removal

Our Laser Tattoo Removal prices are based on the size of the tattoo in square inches. You can determine the size of the tattoo or part of the tattoo that you want to treat, by multiplying the width times the height to get the total square inches.

Skinspirations Laser Tattoo Removal prices are listed below with 15% off the individual treatment price when you purchase a package of five sessions.

Tattoo size in square inchesSingle TreatmentPackage of 5
Less than 2$150$638
2.1 - 4$175$744
4.1 - 10$245$1,041
10.1 - 20$295$1,254
20.1 - 30$395$1,679
30.1 - 50$495$2,104

Learn more about whether laser tattoo removal is right for you with a complimentary consultation. You can schedule it online, by email, by phone at 727.571.1923, or by text at 727.263.4798.

  • A colored butterfly tattoo before and after laser removal

  • black tattoo before and after laser removal