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Bellafill® (previously named Artefill)


The longest lasting dermal filler

Are you looking for a wrinkle and volume solution that doesn't have to be repeated regularly?

Bellafill® is the longest lasting injectable cosmetic filler approved by the FDA and has been used successfully in over 20,000 patients since its approval in 2006. It's the choice for people who want long lasting results and who don't want to have to return regularly for maintenance treatments. The results feel and look natural immediately after the treatment and, unlike other fillers, look just as good several years later. It's an excellent choice especially for deeper wrinkles & deep volume loss.

What is Bellafill?

Bellafill® is one of the stimulant dermal fillers that produce results by causing collagen buildup, but it also gives immediate improvement. See Dr. Elliott's Table on Filler Pros & Cons for more information on all of the dermal fillers available at Skinspirations Center for Cosmetic Enhancement.

Bellafill® contains PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate) microspheres and purified bovine collagen gel along with an anesthetic to make the treatment almost painless. PMMA is one of the most widely used substances in medical implants with a proven safety record for over 60 years.

After a Bellafill® injection, the microspheres that are suspended in the collagen become part of the patient's own tissue, stimulating the production of the patient's collagen as the collagen from the injection is broken down and assimilated. There is both immediate and lasting improvement, with studies showing no decrease in visible results after five years.

Because of the long-lasting results with this product, it's even more important to choose an expert in injectable filler techniques. Because of her reputation and experience with injectable fillers, Dr. Cynthia Elliott has been chosen by Suneva Medical, the makers of Bellafill®, to teach other physicians how to inject Bellafill® at her independent training center, ExpertEsthetics. Only physicians who have been trained by a Suneva Medical injection trainer are permitted to treat patients with Bellafill®.

What To Expect with Bellafill® Treatments

After applying a cream anesthetic to make the treatment almost painless, Bellafill® is injected through a small needle under the surface of your skin. Numbing medicine is also mixed in with the injection so you barely feel it. Bellafill® fills the gaps, raising the skin to its normal height and erasing lines and shadows. Over time (2 to 3 months), your body will permanently anchor Bellafill® for a long lasting effect. Although improvement is seen immediately, the full effect is reached about 6 months after the treatment. Most repeat treatments are done four or more weeks after the first.

Because Bellafill® contains bovine collagen, it is not suitable for anyone with a collagen allergy.

The price for a Bellafill treatment starts at $975 with discounts offered when more than 1 syringe of any filler is used during the same session. With treatments of 2 syringes, there's a 15% discount off the individual syringe price, 20% off 3 syringes, and 25% off 4 or more syringes.

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