Facial Aging Treatments

The Skinspirations 3D Strategy For Facial Aging

Most of the changes we see in our faces as we age are due to a combination of:

  • Fat and bone volume loss 
  • Repetitive muscle movements leading to permanent creases or wrinkles
  • The loss of skin elasticity and thickness
  • Textural and pigmentation changes from cumulative sun damage

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Age-related fat & bone loss produces 3-dimensional changes that require a 3-D solution

Repairing the changes caused by aging in the face can loosely be compared to remodeling an old house, with an older face often requiring treatments to restore every level from the foundation up to the roof. A younger face, in comparison, may only need the equivalent of a new coat of paint.

The foundation – The facial bones provide the baseline structure that supports the overlying muscles, fat, and skin of your face, and parts of them start shrinking by the time you turn thirty. Replacing lost volume at the bone level lifts the overlying muscles, fat, and skin and is the best first step toward rejuvenating an aging face.

Sculptra is a tissue stimulant that when injected under the muscles, builds up the foundation to make the canvas again fit the frame.  Thicker dermal fillers like Juvederm Voluma, Restylane Lyft, and Radiesse can also be placed strategically to replace lost bone volume.

The walls – Correcting facial sagging from shrinking fat compartments can be done with multiple dermal fillers and stimulants as well as with a transfer of fat from somewhere else on your body. As volume is restored to the fat compartments, the skin fills out and lifts up the tissue below it, providing a 3D improvement.

Details. – Once the foundation and walls are in place, softer dermal fillers can fill any remaining wrinkles and lines. Decreasing & then preventing wrinkles that have developed from repetitive muscle movements, like smiling & frowning, is done every 3-4 months, usually, with muscle relaxant treatments like Botox Cosmetic.

The roof – Fractionated ablative laser resurfacing like Profractional, Microneedling, Photodynamic Therapy, and Plasma Fibroblasting are all methods that replace aged skin with brand new skin that has a fresher, younger-looking texture. Relaxing facial muscles whose repetitive contractions cause wrinkles can be done with neuromodulator treatments like Botox.

Paint – Discoloration caused by pigment can be corrected with IPL, chemical peels, and sometimes simply with products. Our estheticians will be happy to recommend skincare treatments based on your skin type & concerns. Laser Vein Reduction will remove any visible veins and underlying redness.

If you’re new to cosmetic treatments this may seem like an overwhelming amount of information but we want you to understand the rationale behind our suggestions. We are not trying to pressure you into building a house. We recommend that most clients start with just a little remodeling.

If you’d like to discuss the treatment options we feel will benefit you most, you can schedule a complimentary consultation in person or virtually by registering online here or by calling (727) 571-1923.