Aging Hands

Don't let your hands give away your age

As we age we realize that our fears of the universe playing cruel jokes on us is real, as we lose fat from the places we want it but it grows where we do not.

Our hands are one of the most visible places we show aging, with the loss of fat, skin elasticity, and the development of brown "age" spots. The veins and bones appear more prominent and the skin gets crinkly and lined.

Luckily, with the expertise and modern cosmetic technology at Skinspirations, there are multiple treatment options to improve all of the signs of aging in the hands, as well as everywhere else on the body. If you'd like to find out how to "youthanize" your hands, you can schedule a consultation by calling (727) 571-1923 or texting us at (727) 263 4798. 

  • before and after profractional laser to hands